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There You Were

There You Were

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  • Posted on: 15/06/2021 17:46

"I was not looking for love, but there you were. I cannot stop it, I cannot indulge it, so I must put distance between us and hope that time will heal this fever I have."

ABANDONED BY HER MOTHER and ignored by her father, it is hardly any wonder young Elizabeth Bennet's curiosity soon brings about trouble and marriage to a man she does not love. Colonel Fitzwilliam's family-save for his cousin Mr Darcy-despises her, and life is not what she dreamed of. As she matures and grows from an impetuous girl into a woman, Elizabeth's most reliable source of friendship and comfort becomes Mr Darcy. When tragedy strikes, leaving her a widow, she is free to discover who has been in her heart all along.

DARCY HAS ALWAYS BEEN INTRIGUED by the girl his beloved cousin married, and finds himself drawn into helping her after her husband's death. Over time, admiration turns to love. Admitting his feelings to her - or even himself - could lead to ruin, but denying his passion could shatter him.


There You Were

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