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Plasma Gasification and Pyrolysis

Plasma Gasification and Pyrolysis

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  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • ISBN: 0367556855,9780367556853
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  • Posted on: 30/07/2022 23:48

Author: Milan Hrabovsky, Michal Jeremias, Guido van Oost
Pages: 104

Currently, the most widely used treatment of waste is thermal processing,

such as incineration. However, thermal plasma technologies offer alternative,

cutting-edge, and environmentally friendly processes, which are also

considered more energy-efficient and safe.

This book provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the

process of thermal plasma gasification and pyrolysis.

It is an ideal guide for graduate students pursuing further studies in

plasma technologies and engineering, in addition to early-career researchers

and scientists from related areas looking for material contextual to

their own subject matter.


• Presents an interdisciplinary approach, applicable to a wide range of

researchers in waste treatment companies, authorities, and energy

and environmental policymakers.

• Authored by authorities in the field.

• Up to date with the latest developments and technologies.


Plasma Gasification and Pyrolysis

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