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Must Know High School Algebra

Must Know High School Algebra

  • Category: Science
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill
  • ISBN: 1264286392,9781264286393
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  • Posted on: 12/06/2022 23:49

Author: Christopher Monahan, Laura Favata
Pages: 448

A unique and effective way to learn Algebra―updated with the latest instruction and review

Must Know High School Algebra provides a fresh approach to learning. As part of our Must Know series, this new edition makes sure what you really need to know is clear up-front. Rather than starting with goals to be met, chapters begin by telling you the most important concepts about the topic at hand―and then show you exactly how these concepts help you accomplish your goals.

Written by excerpt algebra educators, Must Know High School Algebra, Second Edition provides updated lesson content and useful examples to help clarify each topic. Every chapter closes with reinforcing exercises to get you the practice you need to gain confidence. New features to this edition focus on extra support and helping you avoid common mistakes. In the end, you get everything you need to build your algebra skills quickly and painlessly.


  • More than 400 practice questions that parallel what you will find in your classwork and on exams
  • Bonus app that includes 100+ flashcards to reinforce concepts
  • “Extra Help” and “Easy Mistake” features put the emphasis on how to improve and what pitfalls to avoid
  • Algebra topics aligned to national and state educational standards
  • Practical examples throughout and an answer key with explanations make sure you understand the topics
  • Conversational writing style and informative IRL (In Real Life) and BTW (By the Way) sidebars
  • A special section for teachers with tips and strategies on teaching the material and content-specific specific links and resources


Must Know High School Algebra

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