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Truck Dispatcher - Working with owner operators

Truck Dispatcher - Working with owner operators

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  • Posted on: 10/06/2021 17:29

You will learn and understand all the basic knowledge required for truck dispatcher job

You will learn how to negotiate with freight brokers

You will learn how to build a relationship with your driver(An owner-operator = your customer)

You will learn who is a shipper and who is a receiver

All you need to know about ELD(Electronic logging device)

You will learn how much a driver can legally drive

You will learn all about your trucking company's documentation

You will learn how to set-up with a new freight brokerage company

You will learn about call dynamics

You will be able to make a difference in between sounding insecure and confident

You will learn all you need to know about trucks and trailers

Be able to understand English language

Be motivated to learn about trucking

The truck industry is a crucial part of the modern world. While there are people there will be transportation. If a lack of knowledge and experience is stopping you from being a part of the Truck-Transporation world, this is the right course for you, you will learn everything you need to know! You will learn and understand all about: Basic and advanced terminology, for example: MC number, DOT number, what is FTL Full truckload, what is LTL - Less than truckload, Load consolidation, TONU - Truck order not used, ELD - Electronic Logging Devic, HOS - Hours of service, Macro point, ETA, Who are the shipper and receiver, What is a Lumper, Deadhead, Bobtail, Power only, Drop trailer, How to sound confident and persuade broker to give you his load, How the trucking world works and what is a chain of customers, All you need to know about the Freight Guard, CMS - Carrier monitoring software, Basics about the Load Board, Information you need to know before you book a load; Information you need to get from the freight broker about the load, Info you need to give to the freight broker, Call dynamics and negotiation, Who is the owner-operator, Who is the freight broker, What hardware and software you need to start working as a truck dispatcher.

People who want to learn about truck dispatching without any prior knowledge

Truck dispatchers who want to expand their knowledge and understanding


Truck Dispatcher - Working with owner operators