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Home Repair Made Easy

Home Repair Made Easy

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  • Posted on: 13/05/2021 02:12

DIY Tips to Save Money, Time and Aggravation on Common Home Reapirs

Tackle common, easy Do It Yourself Home Repairs

Problem solve and fix clogs, jammed garbage disposers, tripped circuits, carpet stains, toilet rings and more

Identify when to call a professional for repairs

Save money, time & stress on basic home repairs

Students need no prior knowledge of home repair.

Are you tired of spending $150 for contractor to make a 15 minute repair?

Do you panic and feel overwhelmed when things break at home?

Do you live alone and want to be a confident and capable homeowner who knows how to problem solve, what to buy and how to fix it?

Home Repair Made Easy is an ideal course for new homeowners and single, divorced or widowed women ready to save money, time and stress dealing with home repairs. Remember, if women can give birth to a human they can surely tackle the toilet!

Clogs in sinks, showers and tubs

Non working outlets, GFCI's and tripped circuits

Carpet stains and general cleaning tips

Removal of stains in toilets and other plumbing fixtures

This beginners course addresses common problems with easy DIY solutions. In this hour long class, you will see demos of simple problem solving tips, easy repairs and the recommended products to get the job done. Printable tip sheet is available for future quick reference along with shopping list for your tools and supplies.

With Home Repair Made Easy, you will…

Have a safer, more functional, and efficient home

Sign up today and have fun becoming a HIP Chick - A Home Improvement Project Chick

Take this course if you are a woman who wants to save time, money and aggravation managing the home.

Perfect beginner course for single divorced, widowed women. Take this course if you want to stop waiting on a man to fix it and want to spare yourself seeing a contractor's crack.

This course is ideal for homeowners or renters who are new to home repair. Course is created with women in mind but very applicable to male homeowners.

Renters can learn ways to maintain their unit without waiting for the building superintendent.

This course contains every day useful content for any homeowner but professional contractors may find they know the information.


Home Repair Made Easy