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Reading: How to Read a Book!

Reading: How to Read a Book!

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  • Posted on: 25/04/2021 09:56

At the end of this class, you’ll be able to Read a LOT, to Retain the MOST important concepts and information and to apply what you read! There’s no better feeling than improving your life after reading something valuable. And after this class, you’re going to learn how you should approach any book, in order to read, learn and apply more! You can use these methods in any book, but they work especially well in non-fiction and textbooks.

I’m going to help you to read a lot more but also teach you how you can retain more of what you read. Because reading for the sake of reading is not enough. And of course: reading a good book is better than not reading at all. But reading a good book and retaining the most important lessons and making them a part of your life is incredible. Commit yourself to read more and take this class to find how you can do it in an effective way!

I’m sure you struggle with keeping the habit of reading a little bit every day. The time seems to fly, and you always end your days with no energy or focus to read a book. Or, if you do read every day, you can’t really remember anything after a few weeks! It seems like a waste of time to read books if you can’t really use that information to make your life better.

I found myself in the same situation. Although I’ve been reading every day for years, I felt that I forgot most of the things I read! I wanted to talk about the books I read, but I couldn’t articulate more than 1 idea.

Since 2015 that I’ve been reading more than 50 books every year. And with so many books, came many ideas, lessons, habits, knowledge, and action.

So, I decided to start my journey to find the best practical and simple method to remember more of what I read. Because I also write on my blog about the books I read, it became even a bigger need to recall more information.

Thankfully, I found a way to make things easier and better for myself, and I want to share everything I learned in this past 3 years.


Reading: How to Read a Book!