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Productivity: Learn How to Focus Intensively & Maximize your Time

Productivity: Learn How to Focus Intensively & Maximize your Time

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  • Posted on: 25/04/2021 05:32

In a world that’s constantly trying to grab our attention, being able to stay focused on one single task is a very valuable skill, and it might be that one skill that will differentiate you!

The problem with answering that message, picking up the phone or dealing with a quick issue, lies in the loss of effectiveness, productivity and results! Every single time you’re interrupted, you’re making it more difficult for you to complete a task.

This loss of productivity and time caused by a lack of focus is not easy to measure. We’re so used to checking our phones and refreshing our emails, that it seems normal to interrupt a task to do any other random thing.

Every time you stop working on a project to complete a meaningless task, you’re stealing from your productivity, creativity, and greatness. Great ideas, projects, and businesses are born when people are so immersed that they forget they are actually working.

I challenge you to think about how you’ve been working recently. If you’ve been noticing lack of focus, chances are you’re also wasting your time along the way. And so, what it could take 30 minutes to finish, is taking you way more than that!

But lack of focus doesn’t only mean checking your phone while working. It also means replacing important and meaningful projects with easier tasks.

So, in this class, I will also be covering how you can focus, primarily, in those activities that will help you to improve and advance your life. Because you might feel productive while checking your email but does checking your email really makes you achieve your goals?

I’ve been experiencing lack of focus since ever, but it was only when I noticed how this was affecting my performance, that I started changing my behavior. I read a few books on the subject and made my research on the topic. Because I wanted to know how I could focus intensively and why it was so important.

I think that putting in practice a few principles that you will learn inside this class will make you achieve better results in less time. You’re not only going to learn how to focus intensively on a single task but also how you can focus on the right task, which requires you to set priorities.


Productivity: Learn How to Focus Intensively & Maximize your Time