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Create Infographic Charts with Adobe Illustrator

Create Infographic Charts with Adobe Illustrator

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  • Posted on: 23/04/2021 05:41

Welcome to this short tutorial on Creating Infographics with charts in Adobe Illustrator, where you will learn to draw various types of charts and also learn methods to make them look attractive and narrate the story with creative visual elements.

In the past, data charts were prepared by mathematicians and engineers where the prime focus was the data, with little or no focus on its visual elements such as colors, design, etc. We all know that an image can convey something equals to a thousand words, making the actual data less relevant then the way it has to be represented. Over time people began to realize the importance of Data Visualization, across various domain. It was Marketing people who realized the true commercial importance of Storytelling with Data charts and graphs. Soon the demand of good looking charts that can specifically target the data element they want to highlight with creative visuals increased. Thus the demand for Graphic Designers who can create great visual infographics and charts began to rise.

In present times, Corporates and businesses are ready to invest a large proportion of their funds for marketing and promotion, and you know that marketing is based on the Visual elements and Graphics that are created by the Designers like you. And this will continue to rise over time.

In this course you will be learning these drawing techniques with Adobe Illustrator. This is a practical based course where you will be learning various concepts as practical lessons, in step-wise manner. You will learn every illustration right from scratch learning various tools and techniques required for the chart design. You will be learning following-


Create Infographic Charts with Adobe Illustrator