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Stroke-based Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Stroke-based Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

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  • Posted on: 16/04/2021 03:01

This class aims at learning basic skills to turn any hand-drawn illustration into a vector graphic. Vector graphics are extremely important for graphic design, as they offer a clean and crisp look for digital illustrations. They have a strong impact on the current design trends.

I'll go through the process of taking a scanned drawing into photoshop for basic editing, and then into illustrator, where I'll choose stroke options from the Image Trace panel as this option is quite helpful in converting the image directly into single, editable paths.

For this class you need the following softwares:

By taking up this class, you will be confident enough to create a customized digital artwork that can be uploaded on print-on-demand sites or for any other design project.


Stroke-based Illustration in Adobe Illustrator