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Creating and Writing a Fantasy World for Beginnner Writers

Creating and Writing a Fantasy World for Beginnner Writers

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  • Posted on: 16/04/2021 03:00

Welcome to the course where I show you how to create and write a wonderfully immersive and expansive fantasy world! Don't make the same mistakes that so many novice authors make and create a fantasy world that evokes awe!

My name is Matthew Dewey and I am a writer. It is hard to say when my passion for writing began, but if I can recall it all started back in primary school. A small child with not much to say, but plenty to write, or in early cases, scribble across a page. From there writing became a hobby, moving on to become a part-time job writing articles on various subjects from technology to programming. Suddenly, the spark was ignited and I wrote my first novel. From there I was hooked onto something that was akin to a calling.

Enough monologue, it is time to tell you what this course is worth to you. First, this course was created with the express intention to teach the fundamentals of creating and writing a classic fantasy world. In my rising through the writing world I found that information was handed freely, but not with enough dedication and forethought. The advice lacking and the examples poor. I decided to push through and after several years developed my own toolkit that is simple and multipurpose. I went on to make a career in writing and teaching others to write, providing useful and interesting information. As a result, I wrote several fantasy books and hundreds of stories and I will show you how to do the same!

In addition to the research and books, I also write from experience, having written several articles on the subject, which you can find on my website.

Find the relation between your world and plot

Create interesting and believable people for your fantasy world

Write an immersive fantasy atmosphere

Create and write a magical system and fantasy creatures

Create fantasy jargon, slang and unique names

Develop lore and languages for your world

Deliver all these details subtly


Creating and Writing a Fantasy World for Beginnner Writers