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Enterprise Golang & AWS Lambda - Masterclass

Enterprise Golang & AWS Lambda - Masterclass

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  • Posted on: 15/04/2021 19:51

This course teaches you everything you need to create Go-Lambda microservices, and event-driven applications like a professional!

Start from the basics and go all the way to connecting with other AWS Services like API Gateway, S3, SQS, DynamoDB, Cognito, Kinesis, SNS, SES etc all with enterprise "best practices".

Master the Go-Lambda microservices, and worker development using various projects including the one using Go Gin framework, and another for data warehousing using Go-Lambda ETL pipelines.

Learn advanced concepts like infrastructure-as-code using Cloudformation, Lambda Cold-starts, dead-letter queues, security best practices, IAM roles & fine-grained policies for Go-Lambda.

Get an understanding of Gin web framework, go modules, interfaces, unit tests using mockery, logging best practices, and various patterns.

There are no specific prerequisites as the course covers all the topics in detail.

However, a basic knowledge of AWS cloud or any other cloud + any programming language would be beneficial.

A laptop or workstation with admin access to install Golang, AWS CLI and other tools and also practice and perform demos.

Existing AWS account or an email address + Credit card to create AWS account with the free tier.

The course is in EARLY-ACCESS, which means the course development is still in progress, and new lectures are added regularly. You are getting a discount for early access as all the content is not available today. But don't worry, you can access the NEW content once it's added. The new content will be added to the same course.


Enterprise Golang & AWS Lambda - Masterclass