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Udemy - Pro Javascript Backend Developer (2022)

Udemy - Pro Javascript Backend Developer (2022)

  • Publication date: 29-06-2022
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Learn backend development with javascript. Learn swagger, express, authentication, payment gateway, cloudinary and more
What you'll learn
Become an advance backend developer
Become Job Ready according to company standards
Learn How to write Documentation
Learn How to deploy project on Server
Learn Authentication
How to integrate payment gateway with Razorpay and Stripe
Learn about File Handling, Secure routes and Middleware
Learn to design complete flow of a project
Make a complete eCommerce project
A basic understanding javascript is must for the course.
Any computer and OS will work — Windows, macOS or Linux.
Basic understanding regarding servers will be plus point
The course starts now and never ends. It is a completely self-paced online course. you decide when you start and when you finish. The course includes online streaming access to videos and all code files that are used in this course. Please check the course content on the course page, as we list all of our topics very transparently. Whatever is included, is mentioned.This course is based on javascript and expects that you are familiar with basic javascript concepts such as variables, loops, functions, etc. If not, please brush up on your javascript first before taking the course.This course is designed to take you through the journey of becoming a pro backend developer. You will be able to design a backend that will be production-ready and can be consumed by applications built on the web (react, angular, vue, etc) or any mobile (flutter, react native, android, or iOS).During this journey, we will learn to build REST API, documenting APIs with Swagger, Postman, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Oauth, file handling, security, cookies, JWT token, sessions, emails and so much more. You can check video names that will give you more ideas about the concepts that we will cover.The goal of this course is to make sure that you get comfortable in building any kind of backend for a client, manager, startup or for yourself. You will be able to plan, architect, and deliver all features asked by the front-end team.
Section 1: Getting Started
Lecture 1 Goal of this course and instructions
Lecture 2 Tools for backend Developer
Lecture 3 MongoDB and mac install
Lecture 4 MongoDB win install
Lecture 5 MongoDB in Cloud - Atlas
Lecture 6 Mongo GUI - Compass
Section 2: Take it uptpo Heroku - Production
Lecture 7 Things You Need To Deploy On Heroku
Lecture 8 Plan Your Application
Lecture 9 Types of Web Request
Lecture 10 Framework - Express, Koa, Hapi
Lecture 11 Starting With Package JSON File
Lecture 12 Your First Express App
Lecture 13 Request Response And Status Code
Lecture 14 All Socail Routes
Lecture 15 Handles The Date Situation
Lecture 16 Parameters And Bugs In Route
Lecture 17 Pusing App to Heroku
Lecture 18 Debug Social App In Production
Lecture 19 Coding files - Github
Section 3: Swagger Docs
Lecture 20 What is swagger and Api Docs
Lecture 21 Nodemon Ext and YAML Docs
Lecture 22 Authentication Token For Swagger Docs
Lecture 23 Docs For HTTP Methods Swagger
Lecture 24 A New Documentation Centric Project
Lecture 25 Setup Information - Swagger
Lecture 26 Authentication And Authorization - Swagger
Lecture 27 String Based GET Request - Swagger
Lecture 28 Handling Objects - Swagger
Lecture 29 Handling Array In Swagger Docs
Lecture 30 Sending Data in URL - Swagger
Lecture 31 Managing Request Body In Swagger
Lecture 32 Handling URL Query in Swagger
Lecture 33 Handling Images in Swagger
Lecture 34 Handling Header Token In Swagger
Section 4: Authentication
Lecture 35 What we have done till section 3 - Backend
Lecture 36 Hiding secrets in backend
Lecture 37 Picking up a database for backend
Lecture 38 Why we need mongoose - ODM
Lecture 39 Pro DB modeling tools
Lecture 40 Creating Model for auth system
Lecture 41 Creating basis structure for auth system
Lecture 42 Creating user schema and dotenv
Lecture 43 Registering a user in auth system
Lecture 44 Database connection in auth system
Lecture 45 What is middleware
Lecture 46 Handling password situation
Lecture 47 What is JWT and creating token
Lecture 48 Register route in auth app
Lecture 49 Login flow for auth app
Lecture 50 Web vs Mobile
Lecture 51 Writing custom middleware
Lecture 52 Setting up secure cookies
Section 5: Files, Images and Form Handling
Lecture 53 Why people face issue in image upload
Lecture 54 Cloudinary and EJS
Lecture 55 How GET works and postman issues
Lecture 56 Using template engines
Lecture 57 Biggest confusion in front end forms
Lecture 58 Handling images in forms
Lecture 59 Handling images in forms part 2
Lecture 60 Upload image to cloudinary or other providers
Lecture 61 Handling multiple files and uploading them
Section 6: Theory and Razorpay
Lecture 62 Files structure for production app
Lecture 63 Getting a logger - MORGAN
Lecture 64 Error handler and Promises
Lecture 65 Sending emails using nodemailer
Lecture 66 Why mongoose docs are important
Lecture 67 Razorpay project
Lecture 68 Razorpay front end integration
Section 7: Big eCommerce Project Start
Lecture 69 Project requirment
Lecture 70 User modeling and file structure
Lecture 71 Product model discussion
Lecture 72 Order Model disscusion
Lecture 73 How forgot password feature work
Lecture 74 Function in user model and hooks
Section 8: Basic Config and imports
Lecture 75 Getting files and folder ready
Lecture 76 Preparing basics express app
Lecture 77 Routes and controllers in dummy
Lecture 78 Injecting docs and middleware
Lecture 79 Custom error handlers
Lecture 80 The big Promise
Section 9: User Model and Signup
Lecture 81 Creating a user model and validator
Lecture 82 password encryption and mongoose prototypes
Lecture 83 Validating the password
Lecture 84 Create JWT tokens
Lecture 85 Forgot password and crypto hashing
Lecture 86 User routes and postman
Lecture 87 Signup a user cookies
Lecture 88 Database conection
Lecture 89 Testing the user signup with postman
Lecture 90 Handling image upload
Lecture 91 Testing photo upload and user signup
Lecture 92 Yes we know about postman files
Section 10: Users Controller and Routes
Lecture 93 Login route and controller
Lecture 94 Logout controller and route
Lecture 95 Send email from node
Lecture 96 Forgot password controller
Lecture 97 Reset password controller and routes
Lecture 98 Middleware - injecting information
Lecture 99 User Dashboard controller and routes
Lecture 100 Update the password for a user
Lecture 101 Updating the user profile
Lecture 102 User, admin, manager and more roles
Lecture 103 Manager only routes
Lecture 104 Admin get a single user
Lecture 105 Admin can update any user
Lecture 106 Admin can delete a user now
Section 11: Working on Product Model
Lecture 107 Product middleware setup for routes
Lecture 108 Product model and refs
Lecture 109 A long talk on URL replace and mongo operators
Lecture 110 Creating a product
Lecture 111 Where clause in search
Lecture 112 Where clause Pager
Lecture 113 Aggregation filer in where clause
Lecture 114 Get all products with WHERE and pager
Lecture 115 Debugging and testing of products add and get
Section 12: More Routes in Products
Lecture 116 Single product route
Lecture 117 Update the product with photos
Lecture 118 Delete a product and minor bug
Lecture 119 Testing and debugging
Lecture 120 Add a review
Lecture 121 Delete a review and requested routes
Lecture 122 Config routes for reviews
Section 13: Razorpay and Stripe
Lecture 123 Stripe Docs
Lecture 124 Stripe controllers
Lecture 125 Razorpay payments and orders
Lecture 126 Setup payment routes
Section 14: Processing Orders
Lecture 127 Order model in action
Lecture 128 Creating a order and BSON
Lecture 129 Testing create order and routes
Lecture 130 Populates fields in order
Lecture 131 Order of routes is important
Lecture 132 Updating the stock
Lecture 133 Delete order and push to git
Lecture 134 Pushing code to production server
Section 15: OAuth and Social Logins
Lecture 135 Social Logins foundation and demo app
Lecture 136 Consent screen and API keys
Lecture 137 Why passport js
Lecture 138 Package installation
Lecture 139 Home routes and EJS
Lecture 140 Preparing routes for login
Lecture 141 Showing consent screen of google
Lecture 142 Getting information and email from google
Lecture 143 Moving google data to databse
Lecture 144 Serialize and deserialize user
Lecture 145 Protect the Home
This Course is for someone who want to become full stack web developer or complete backend developer



Udemy - Pro Javascript Backend Developer (2022)

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