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Udemy - 15 Tasty Cuisines Secrets Western Eastern Cooking (2022)

Udemy - 15 Tasty Cuisines Secrets Western Eastern Cooking (2022)

  • Publication date: 19-06-2022
  • Category: Courses
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  • Posted on: 20/06/2022 20:38

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Step by step tutorial recipes. Straight to the point
What you'll learn
Using the right recipe and using the right procedure to get the best taste of the food
Learn how to cook Chinese cuisines
Learn how to cook Filipino cuisines
Learn how to cook Western cuisines
No experience needed, just follow my step by step tutorial and remember the key main parts of the recipe.
In this course, you will learn how to cook western & eastern cuisines. Chinese cuisines, Filipino cuisines, Asian cuisines, Western cuisines and more. You can learn many things with the right recipe procedure and amount. Learn the secret techniques in cooking. Learn the different kinds of western & eastern recipes.I have also create my own recipes using what I have learned by mixing Western style and Eastern style. I will teach you step by step straight to the point cooking tutorial recipes. I know a lot of the secret ingredients which is not being told through internet. There are some ingredients which are too odd to add into the recipe but it gives better taste than normal recipe. I can give you a guarantee that you will learn something in this course. This course won't teach you how to cut or slice, all basic information are not included in this course. This course are straight to the point recipes with the amount ingredients needed.There are some recipes that can only be found from a specific country, but don't worry I can give you some alternative ingredient recipe to produce the same taste. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message.
Section 1: Recipes
Lecture 1 01 how to cook sesame and brocoli noodle salad
Lecture 2 02 how to cook sinigang special
Lecture 3 03 how to cook filipino adobo special
Lecture 4 04 how to cook honey chicken
Lecture 5 05 how to cook liquid pizza
Lecture 6 06 how to cook butter chicken
Lecture 7 07 how to cook pineapplepork
Lecture 8 08 how to cook chickenketchup
Lecture 9 09 how to cook chickenfeet
Lecture 10 10 how to make coffeejelly
Lecture 11 11 how to make cabbageroll
Lecture 12 12 how to make chocolatecocoamousse
Lecture 13 13 how to make custardcheese
Lecture 14 14 how to make chocolatemousse
Lecture 15 15 how to make biko
Beginners and Professionals


Udemy - 15 Tasty Cuisines Secrets Western Eastern Cooking (2022)

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