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  • Udemy - People Reading 101: The Psychology Of Communication (2022)

Udemy - People Reading 101: The Psychology Of Communication (2022)

Udemy - People Reading 101: The Psychology Of Communication (2022)

  • Publication date: 18-06-2022
  • Category: Courses
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  • Posted on: 20/06/2022 20:35

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Your secret weapon to building better relationships, managing people more effectively, and making more sales.
What you'll learn
Understand what the different types of communication and workplace styles are.
Understand the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of people with each of those styles.
Learn a simple people-reading technique to figure out which style a person is based purely on a conversation.
Explore how to adapt your communication style to anyone based on their communication style needs.
There are no requirements to take this course.
Everyone uses a different style to communicate in the workplace and life in general. In this course, organizational psychologist Karlyn Borysenko will teach you some basic psychology and a simple (and high practical) technique you can use to figure out the communication style of anyone you're speaking within just a few minutes of conversation.You can use this information to build better relationships, get better at networking and office politics, make more sales, and more. In just an hour of your time, you'll learn the following techniques that you can apply anytime you need to have a positive working relationship with someone you're communicating with:The four main communication styles that exist in the workplace based on the DISC model - Dominant, Influencer, Steady, Conscientious;The strengths and weaknesses of each of those styles and how they show up in the world based on their behaviors;A people reading technique to figure out what everyone's communication style is based on nothing more than a conversationTips and strategies for connecting with people based on their individual needs.When you understand what people need from you based on their individual psychology, that's when you can adapt your approach to everyone you interact with to discover win-win scenarios.
Section 1: People Reading 101
Lecture 1 Introduction and Agenda
Lecture 2 Why DISC is the best model for people reading
Lecture 3 The four primary DISC styles
Lecture 4 The people reading technique
Lecture 5 Tips for connecting with different DISC styles
Lecture 6 Get additional information on DISC and more resources
Anyone who works with people can benefit from this course, regardless of if you're an individual contributor, a manager, work in sales, or are an executive leading a company.


Udemy - People Reading 101: The Psychology Of Communication (2022)

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