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Tiktok Ads 2022 | Tiktok Advertising By A Fortune 100 Mba

Tiktok Ads 2022 | Tiktok Advertising By A Fortune 100 Mba

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  • Posted on: 20/06/2022 20:18

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Learn how to launch effective TikTok Ads & TikTok Marketing from a former PlayStation Brand Manager & Kellogg MBA
What you'll learn
TikTok Advertising
TikTok Marketing
TikTok Ads
Tik Tok Marketing
Learn how to build effective TikTok ads & TikTok advertising campaigns from scratch in 2022. Get pro tips from a 12-year social media advertising veteran with an MBA from Philip Kotler's Kellogg School of Management, the #1 business school for marketing. Your instructor was a VP of Marketing for a Google accelerator startup and a Global Product Marketing & Brand Manager for Sony PlayStation. He taught college-level digital marketing and taught social media advertising for the Direct Marketing Association.Choosing the right TikTok advertising objectivesSeeing what TikTok ads are performing very well in your industry (so you can copy them!) TikTok targeting options and how to choose among themMaking & delivering high-performing TikTok adsData-driven best practices for video advertising (e.g., determining how long your video needs to be to maximize impact)Key advertising mistakes to avoidOptimal budget allocation for various TikTok advertising objectivesLead generation in TikTokApp installsTikTok adsTraffic TikTok adsVideo views TikTok adsConversions TikTok adsAnalysis & marketing automation for TikTok ads to optimize resultsReporting on advertising performanceAssets This TikTok advertising course covers ads for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing. This course is also relevant for startups as well as large, established companies. I'll walk you through how to adjust the advertising based on your company size and whether you're marketing to consumers or businesses.TikTok Marketing (Tik Tok Marketing)TikTok Ads (TikTok Advertising)
Section 1: TikTok Ads Objectives
Lecture 1 Advertising Objectives 1
Lecture 2 Advertising Objectives 2
Lecture 3 Advertising Objectives 3
Lecture 4 Advertising Objectives 4
Lecture 5 TikTok Split Testing Tutorial
Section 2: Targeting - TikTok Ads
Lecture 6 Targeting 1
Lecture 7 Targeting 2
Lecture 8 Targeting 3
Lecture 9 Targeting 4
Section 3: Creative & Delivery - TikTok Ads
Lecture 10 Creative & Delivery 1
Lecture 11 Creative & Delivery 2
Lecture 12 Creative & Delivery 3
Section 4: Ad Types, Analysis, & Marketing Automation Macros
Lecture 13 Lead Generation Ads
Lecture 14 Tutorial: Create a Lead Generation Ad
Lecture 15 Other Ad Types, Analysis & Macros
Lecture 16 Analysis & Macros Continued
Lecture 17 Analysis & Macros Continued Again
Lecture 18 View Data Tutorial
Section 5: Assets - TikTok Ads
Lecture 19 TikTok Assets
Lecture 20 Video Editor Tutorial
Lecture 21 Instant Pages Tutorial
Lecture 22 Trend Discovery & Top Ads Tutorial
Section 6: Video Advertising Best Practices
Lecture 23 Video Ad Best Practices 1
Lecture 24 Video Ad Best Practices 2
Lecture 25 Video Ad Best Practices 3
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Tiktok Ads 2022 | Tiktok Advertising By A Fortune 100 Mba

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