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Udemy - Mediterranean Cooking For Health And Happiness (2022)

Udemy - Mediterranean Cooking For Health And Happiness (2022)

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  • Posted on: 12/06/2022 21:06

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Learn how to prepare a multitude of delicious and healthful Mediterranean inspired dishes to enhance your well being

What you'll learn
Learn about what Mediterranean Cooking is and how it can help you live a more healthful, happy life.
Learn some basic cooking techniques needed to prepare meals at home.
Get inspired with Mediterranean inspired cooking videos.
Learn about olive oil and its health benefits.
No prerequisites required
In this course you will learn how to prepare a series of Mediterranean inspired dishes which span from Spain to Turkey that not only offer a feast for the senses but also incredible health benefits. You won't feel deprived enjoying these dishes that are quick and easy to prepare and often very economical. We will start with appetizers that can also be enjoyed as healthy snacks and include dishes such as Marinated Olives and Hummus. We will explore a variety of chicken dishes such as Balsamic Chicken and traditional Algerian Couscous. Seafood dishes will also be taught and include Garlic Shrimp and Fish en Papillote. A variety of vegetable dishes will inspire you to broaden your repertoire and include dishes such as Ratatouille and Chakchouka. You will learn how to make pasta in your own home with three fresh and delicious pasta sauces to accompany the pasta. Instructions on how to prepare homemade yogurt will also be presented with no special equipment required except a thermometer. Finally, we’ll finish off with satisfying that sweet tooth with video instruction on how to prepare Balsamic Strawberries and festive Baklava. After you complete this course you will leave inspired to bring some of the Mediterranean table into your home so that you and your loved ones can lead happier and healthier lives.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Basic Knife Skills: Slicing an Onion

Lecture 3 Basic Knife Skills: Dicing an Onion

Lecture 4 Basic Knife Skills: Garlic Prep

Lecture 5 Appetizers: Roasted Almonds

Lecture 6 Appetizers: Marinated Olives

Lecture 7 Appetizers: Hummus

Lecture 8 Chicken: How to Cut Up a Chicken

Lecture 9 Chicken: How to Make Chicken Stock

Lecture 10 Chicken: Herbs and Spices

Lecture 11 Chicken: Balsamic Chicken

Lecture 12 Chicken: Chicken Piccata

Lecture 13 Chicken: Algerian Couscous

Lecture 14 Seafood: Garlic Shrimp

Lecture 15 Seafood: Fish en Papillote

Lecture 16 Seafood: Bouillabaisse

Lecture 17 Vegetables: Dukkah Spice Blend Makes Veggies Taste Great

Lecture 18 Vegetables: Beautiful Broccoli

Lecture 19 Vegetables: Ratatouille

Lecture 20 Vegetables: Chakchouka

Lecture 21 Vegetables: Fennel Orange Mushroom Salad

Lecture 22 Beans: Lentil Salad

Lecture 23 Beans: Turkish Braised Green Beans

Lecture 24 Homemade Pasta: Preparing the Dough

Lecture 25 Homemade Pasta: Rolling out Dough by Hand

Lecture 26 Homemade Pasta: Rolling out Dough by Machine

Lecture 27 Homemade Pasta: Cooking the Pasta

Lecture 28 Pasta Sauces: Fresh Tomato Sauce

Lecture 29 Pasta Sauces: Basil Pesto

Lecture 30 Pasta Sauces: Mushroom Sauce

Lecture 31 Polenta

Lecture 32 Homemade Yogurt

Lecture 33 Desserts: Balsamic Strawberries

Lecture 34 Desserts: Baklava

Lecture 35 Conclusion

Anyone interested in learning more about Mediterranean Cooking and how it can help lead to a healthier, happier life.


Udemy - Mediterranean Cooking For Health And Happiness (2022)

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