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Udemy - The Power Of Focus - The Master Key To Success

Udemy - The Power Of Focus - The Master Key To Success

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  • Posted on: 02/10/2021 18:52

Created by Sandor Kiss, Prof. Paul Cline, Ed.D | Last updated 9/2021
Duration: 1h 4m | 2 sections | 9 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 295 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub
Learn The Focus Skills That Make Successful People Successful!

What you'll learn
How To Remove Procrastination From Your Life
Strategies Of Building Your Power To Concentrate
Beat Distractions That Are Chipping Away Your Ability To Focus
Life Hacks Of Highly Successful And Focused People
How To Turn Your Smartphone From An Enemy To A Friend
How To Get Into, And Stay, In A Focused State Of Mind
How A Focused Mind Can Help You Solve Problems And Make Decisions Easily By Tapping Into Your Intuition
How To Differentiate Between Actions That Move You Forward And Time Wasters
Simple Exercises For Training Your Concentration Anywhere
How Highly Successful People Like Elon Musk Use This State Of Mind And How You Can Do Them Too
Get Things Done Efficiently With Twice The Results
Learn How Successful People Achieve Things Average People Can’t!
…. And This Is Just A TINY Part Of The Training – There Is SO Much More!!!
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There are no requirements, everything is explained in full
Ever Wonder How Successful People Become So Successful … And So Quickly??
They Have … TOTAL FOCUS!
Bruce Lee was quoted saying as saying, “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus”.
That’s right, your success ultimately boils down to FOCUS. In every man or woman is this untapped potential to achieve greatness.
Imagine what your world would be like if you knew how to tap into your inner greatness!
What’s disappointing is that it’s pretty easy to do but not many people know how. Sloppy effort brings sloppy results. Only with Deep Focus can we become exceptional …And most of us are lacking in focus!
Just know that I’ve spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours researching the scientific studies and the habits of successful people, and distilling them into these proven strategies. Strategies that will give you the mindset to achieve all your goals.
And here’s your opportunity to learn my secrets that will bring you from zero to hero by adopting this mindset. I’m granting you the permission to follow my method and apply it for a complete transformation of your life.
It’s your chance now to unleash your power of focus and be among the greats!
Who this course is for:This course is suitable for everyone!


Udemy - The Power Of Focus - The Master Key To Success

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