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Flutter UI Basics for Beginners

Flutter UI Basics for Beginners

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  • Posted on: 03/02/2021 20:40

Learn the basics of Flutter UI development. Master Flutter layout widgets and Flutter animation widgets. Quickly learn the foundation needed to build awesome Flutter apps for Android, iOS and Web platforms.

Hello and welcome to this course on Flutter UI Basics. By joining this course you will learn how to develop a Flutter app with single code base that runs on android, iOS and web platforms. By the end of this course, you will be able to build simple Flutter apps on your own.

This course provides you the foundation to quickly start building Flutter app UI. But why should you learn Flutter in the first place? Unlike other app development platforms, Flutter is fast. It has its own UI rendering engine. Which means it has the power to draw on its own on any OS platform.

And to develop the apps, it provides you with easy to write declarative UI, and ready made libraries that provide you with material design widgets, iOS-style cupertino widgets. This means you can develop very sophisticated app UI very quickly.

Not only that, you write the code only and it runs on Android, iOS, Web platforms. Learning such a powerful framework, gives you a great advantage to ramp up your app development learning curve. And this course provides you with the foundation on Flutter UI.

By the end of this course, You will learn how to use Flutter layout widgets and animation widgets to build a Flutter app UI. Not only that the course will showcase a simple app called places to put what you learnt into practice. I hope you enjoy this course and learn the fundamentals of Flutter app UI.


Flutter UI Basics for Beginners