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Construction Claims - Foundation Course

Construction Claims - Foundation Course

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  • Posted on: 30/07/2021 18:58

Master the fundamental principles of construction claims.

This is an introductory course aimed at helping students better understand the basics of construction claims. This course also provides students with a solid foundation on which to build their knowledge of more advanced topics in the field of construction claims.

This course is recommended for anyone working with construction claims and especially those working for construction contractors and tasked with managing the contract or claim process. For example, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Project Managers, Contract Administrators, etc.

To achieve these learning objectives this course will cover the following topics:

· Students will be provided with a general introduction and background to construction claims.

· The definition of a claim and the purpose and role of claims in the context of construction contracts.

· The process of making a claim under typical construction contracts.

· The events that typically cause construction claims.

· The types of relief and compensation that both parties to a construction contract may claim for.

· The requirement to prove entitlement to the relief and compensation claimed.

Please Note: This is an entry-level course designed to teach students the basic aspects of construction claims. Professionals that have not had significant exposure to construction claims will greatly benefit from this course. This course is not recommended for professionals that have significant experience in construction claims.


Construction Claims - Foundation Course