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Beginners Guide to Digital Email Marketing for 2021

Beginners Guide to Digital Email Marketing for 2021

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  • Posted on: 30/07/2021 06:12

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Beginners Guide to Digital Email Marketing for 2021 was designed to teach anyone who wants to earn money online.  We teach you the strategies that are being used now in 2021.  Its important we teach you at the beginning, first we show you how to use optin pages to build your email list.  You will then learn how to create lead magnets and how to optimise your sends for more return on investment.

Whats Email Marketing?  Where do we begin?  Have you ever looked at a website that interests you, and you are asked to sign up to their newsletter and in return, they will send you promotional offers.  Most of us do this naturally, signing up, especially on a topic that excites us  You may not have purchased anything at that point, but in their follow up email they offer you 20% off the products you love, and this time you go ahead and make the purchase.  Think of all the millions like you, who visit a site, never purchase and close down without signing up - you are simply forgotten about.  With Email Marketing you capture that audience and create a list for future use.  It is possible that the client may purchase from them in the future… see how this works.

In the online business world it is a proven fact that most sales are not made from advertising on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Google, but instead from the email lists that they build up, over time.  There are many software programs that store the emails for you….this is not shown in this course.

Email Marketing is the Golden Nugget, the key to any successful business online.  So join me as we go through the basics of Email Marketing. 

Look forward to working with you.

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Beginners Guide to Digital Email Marketing for 2021